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TTJ grew with the travel trade since 2010 sharing it’s amazing stories densely packed with short and long takes on news from the travel world. TTJ imbued bold and transformative ideas that help the trade understand value and empower a community of change makers to make a purposeful impact. So here we stand tall today as TTJ, the irrefutable leader in the world of travel magazines in India!

Travel Trade Journal is committed to being focused on strategic and policy issues of the travel and tourism sector, reporting news related to states, NTOs, hotel industry, transportation, travel and tourism, government policies, both central and states, and civil aviation in the country. Offering a perfect counterpoise of news, views, updates and debates, TTJ addresses issues that impinge on the success and growth of the industry.

We have a Pan Asian presence with an estimated readership of 180,000, mostly tourism professionals with 100 per cent business interest in the trade. The magazine’s well researched content is exhaustive, unbiased and a treasured asset for the industry.


TTJ Jury Choice Awards

Presentation of the first TTJ Jury Choice Awards 2016 to the plaudits of the industry has been distinctive and in a class by itself. Our credibility through core values of ‘Fairness, Transparency, Innovation and Excellence’ make us unique. In recognition of the staggering positive response, we take the award to its second edition in April 2020.

We look for success in doing common things uncommonly!

This year we scale new heights with unique offerings. ‘Honour atop the roaring blue’, shall it be, as for the first time in the trade, awards will be presented onboard the cruise, Jalesh. In yet another first, the industry will witness more than 250+ key professionals onboard for two days. The event is all set to be attended by personalities of eminence including top bureaucrats, decision and policy makers, ambassadors and other renowned people from the travel trade and allied industries.

Credence and Credibility

The conferring of honor in categories of excellence will be decided by an illustrious advisory committee which will consist of eminent veterans from travel trade, honorable ministers from states, aviation stalwarts, hospitality experts and renowned personalities from niche sectors in tourism.

Our objective is to acknowledge, glorify and motivate the best in the travel trade. We would like to invite you to be an active part of the grandiose and join us as a sponsor to define and inspire success.

Decade of Excellence Award

  • > In this edition we will honour luminaries from the travel trade whose invaluable contribution have unbolted new horizons and positioned them at great heights of glory
  • > People and organisations who have been innovative and have excelled in their respective fields in trade will also be honoured.

State Tourism Governance Award

In this edition we will also honour distinguished state tourism boards and key bureaucrats who have been innovative and have excelled in their fields like developing new tourist spots, innovative marketing ideas, new unique initiatives among others.

Why these awards?

  • > A time to address the need for fair awards, establish a credible system where neutral transparency prevails
  • > Independent jury system to be helped by an equally valuable advisory board
  • > Acknowledge path breaking achievements
  • > Reward innovation and new ideas.

What’s unique in this year’s awards?

  • > To set another benchmark this year, TTJ Jury Awards will be presented on the sea for the first time in Travel Trade
  • > For the first time we will have 250+ key professionals from the trade for 2-days on board cruise line - Jalesh
  • > Extensive media coverage and collaterals.


Since the event will be onboard cruise liner Jalesh, it offers two whole days of up-close interaction with participants from the trade and allied industries, key decision makers and people of eminence across categories. It prepares to introduce you to key players in business which may eventually deliver warm prospects. This is the best platform to lookout for opportunities and come across people of new exposures.

Look into the number of times you usually spend hunting for qualified leads. Here you are exposed to a host of compatible customers to promote and progress your business further. Furthermore, event organisers provide data about attendees in advance. It is a perfect ground for meeting important people at one platform.

The event being one of a kind, will be extensively covered by media. As an event sponsor, your exposure to media will be paramount and earn you sweeping coverage.

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You can use the event to launch a new product or updates to an existing feature. Likewise, you run a pre-promo campaign announcing swag/other incentives, that’ll only bring you more users.

Sponsoring events are about starting quality relationships. The goal is to leave with a list of leads to follow up on afterward. You don’t necessarily need to make a huge profit on event day, as long as you have a long-term way to leverage your investment. The benefits and returns of event sponsorship are endless if you put in the effort to forge connections. Take advantage of every resource the event holder offers to help businesses.

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